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User Agreement

Da-sein Membership Agreement

Welcome to Da-sein!
Before you register and become one of Da-sein Members, we would like to remind you to read carefully the terms and regulations, which you have to agree upon and hereby abide by in order to join Da-sein Membership.

1. Agreement:
This agreement will describe member's status rights and obligations in a more detailed fashion. When Da-sein membership applicant has read this agreement and proceed on to press the agreement button, he/she will be obliged to comply with and be taken as accepting the regulations defined by Da-sein web site.

2. Service Guidelines
(1). When accessing to any web site or services provided by Da-sein , member will need to self-prepare all Internet connection items like PC system, peripherals and software plus other internet connection charges.

(2). Currently, Da-sein Service family includes Da-sein Shop. For the benefit of providing better services, Da-sein will add, remove, or modify any of the current services and functions.

3. Member’s Registration
For product delivery member shall provide true, accurate, current and complete personal information as prompted in the registration form. If there are any changes into the personal information, (e.g. address, phone numbers, etc), an update and amendment of the personal information shall be made promptly. Any information that is false, inaccurate, out-of-date or incomplete, Da-sein has the right to suspend or terminate member account and refuse any or all of current or future use of Da-sein Online service (or any portion thereof).

4. Member’s Privacy
Members will need to be responsible for the security of their personal login names, passwords and other relevant personal details. They will also need to be fully responsible for accessing their own account under Da-sein. Members are prohibited to give or share their password or PayPal details with any third party. If there are reports on vandalism of PayPal, please contact the webmaster of PayPal immediately.

5.Member Responsibility in Uploading Content
(1). When purchasing from Da-sein web site, members are fully responsible for the content involved.
(2). Members should not publicize, upload, post, send, and transmit any illegalities, threats, indecency, slander, porn, fraud, damaging, infectious, racial discrimination, or affecting others right and intellectual properties.
(3). When using any of the Da-sein Services web sites, member agrees to voluntarily take any unexpected risk involved.

6. Laws and Regulation
Members need to abide by all related laws in Hong Kong Special Administration Region and other Internet standards and formalities. Since Internet transcends national boundaries, members will also have to comply with the laws and regulations in their residing country. If members use other International web site provided by Da-sein, they will also need to follow the domestic laws and regulations and Internet standards and formalities that the region specified in Da-sein web site.

7. Modification and Alteration.
(1). Da-sein Online will update and amend the guidelines or rules from time to time without prior notice. Members will be subject to any posted guidelines and rules applicable to this service which may be updated from time to time. If such amendment is not acceptable to any Da-sein member, he/she may cease using Da-sein service pages at any time. If he/she continues to use Da-sein Online services that will be regarded as an acceptance to the newly modified content.
(2). It is prohibited to modify any guidelines and regulations by any member as stated in any part of Da-sein Service web sites.

8. Termination of Service
(1). Da-sein holds the right to terminate or modify at its sole discretion, any or all of the related service contents at any time without notice, for any reason whatsoever. Any loss, damage, or inconvenience caused by the termination would not be responsible by Da-sein and/or its associate businesses.
(2). Da-sein will terminate the service in, but not limited to, the following situations:
a. Abnormal behaviors occurred in e-mail system server.
b. A natural disaster which cause breakdown in services.
c. When Da-sein is under the process of maintenance or construction.

9. Advertising and Promotional Activities
Members will be informed with information on any commercial, advertising or promotional activities offered by Da-sein. In addition, members agree that any transaction done on line between members, or third parties, advertising agents and source providers bind solely the parties to the transaction. As a result, members agree not to hold Da-sein and its associate business entities responsible or liable for any loss or risks incurred as the result of such transactions.

10. Members and Data Safety
(1) Da-sein will not disclose user's personal information in any form without member's prior consent. Provided that the following situations will not apply to this condition:
Required by laws and regulations;
Order by a court or governmental authority.

(2). For any personal information provided by Da-sein member, members agree that Da-sein, including without limitation collecting, processing, restoring and transmitting for information retrieval, service, statistical analysis, or study, research and other legal purposes.
(3). Although Da-sein web sites will protect member's personal information, however, there may be loopholes for information processing on the Internet. Members agree to take the risks themselves inherent with online data transmission.

11. The Responsibility and Liability
Da-sein cannot guarantee any connection free from stability, safety, error-free,
permanent connection or other related issues. Other issues applied to the validation of the article posted, and the safety of online trading on WEB. With members usage on Da-sein, Da-sein will be not be responsible for any service failures resulting from direct, indirect, additional, unexpected or deliberate damage. If some part of the services provided in this and/or any other related Da-sein web sites experience temporary disconnection, time delay, failure to transmit or restore data, or any loss resulted from infiltration by any third party, member agrees to not claim for compensation from Da-sein.

12. Limitation of Liability
Except the terms set forth in Section11, Da-sein shall not held any responsibility and liability for the issue set forth in Section 11. The limitation of liability, if any, shall not exceed the amount equivalent to the value of the purchased product.

13. Indemnification
The member shall agree to indemnify and hold Da-sein harmless from any dispute and/or lawsuit filed by any third party due to the breach of this agreement by the member. And such member required to pay any damages resulting from the above-mentioned lawsuit, dispute based on the agreement breached by the member.

14. Termination of Member Details
(1). Members may suspend or terminate their accounts at anytime with Da-sein Service. Da-sein may ask member to complete a brief survey, stating the reasons for membership termination.
(2). Members agree that Da-sein, in its sole discretion, may terminate his/her password, account (or any part thereof) or use of the service, and remove member's password and account details. Upon termination of using Da-sein, member's right will immediately cease. Member will not be entitled to any form of compensation.
(3). Members agree that termination of any part of Da-sein service may take place at any time without prior notice. Upon termination of using Da-sein, member's right will immediately be suspended. Members will not be entitled to any form of compensation.

16. Intellectual Properties
Title to and interest in any logos, images, photos, files, illustrations, software, or relevant information appeared in Da-sein, its intellectual properties belongs to Da-sein or its source provider. The members shall not duplicate, reproduce, transfer, modify or edit in any way for any third party or individual benefits without Da-sein or source provider's prior written consents.

17. Other Guideline
(1). This outline of this agreement is governed by the laws and regulations of Hong Kong Special Administration Region
(2). When any of the part specified in the agreement become obsolete or is declared to be invalid will not affects the rest of the agreement.
(3). In the event of any dispute arising out of or in connection with this agreement, both Da-sein and its members agree to subject to the jurisdiction of Hong Kong Special Administration Region as the court of first instance.