From Conception to Birth
Da-Sein Socks was founded by us, Hong-Kong-Based, brother and sister design duo Jessie and Carson Siu. Our Debut Collection, Becoming a Self, was officially launched on 1st of March 2012 on The conception of the company goes way back to the summer of 2010. 
This is how the story goes: 
Jessie finished her master degree in philosophy from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and Carson earned his bachelor degree in product design from Otis College of Art and Design Los Angeles.
The two freshly and officially unemployed brother and sister decided to do something together during their graduation trip in Miami. The idea of combining philosophy with product design was pretty much first conceived on the beautiful sunny breezy Miami Beach. Must be the refreshing sea-breeze that did it. Well maybe it was the bikini girls with legs thousand foot long. 
Surely we want to make money and to make both ends meet. But we are only interested in doing things that are different. We want to do something cool because we consider ourselves as cool people. Da-Sein Socks was what happened when a cool philosopher joins forces with a cool product designer.  
Jessie believes in nothing but Existentialism. She believes entirely that everyone has to actively construct the meaning of life during the course of living and struggling. Through our free choice of actions we carve our what shape our lives takes. Carson too, believes in action, agrees totally with Socrates that unexamined life is not worth living. Both hold strongly that life does not automatically have a certain meaning. The search of meaning in life gives meaning to life. It is by examining the question of Being that we become a true self.
The name Da-Sein (pronouced as Da-Sign) is german philosophical term with the meaning of human existence. Through Da-Sein Socks we encourage people to ponder on questions regarding our existence, our way of life. We confront you to question every assumptions you have, every opinions you hold! And most importantly the question of Being! What it is to be a human being in this world, what life is all about and how we can live in the most fulfilling ways. We don’t have answers for you, but we want you to think a little harder, take nothing for granted. Distant yourself from rules, conventions and dogmas and start to think for yourself, choose for yourself and act for yourself.